Gallup Great Workplace Award Application
Gallup invites your organization to Distinguish Your Excellence by submitting an application for the 2015 Gallup Great Workplace Award.

To submit your application, please fulfill the following requirements:
  • Complete the online application with specific questions regarding engagement within your organization.
  • Upload your supporting documents (the link will be provided after your online application is submitted):
    1. A PowerPoint presentation (up to 10 slides) detailing how your organization has linked engagement to business outcomes. Analysis can focus on trends at the organizational or workgroup level. (If available, individual-level analysis, as provided by Gallup, can be showcased. Work with your Gallup team if you have questions about this deliverable.)
    2. Official company logo (.eps or .ai file formats)
    3. Optional: 5 slide PowerPoint showing engagement in action within the organization. This can be used to supplement the answers provided in your application.
For questions regarding your application, please contact your Gallup team or send an email to
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