TeacherInsight AssessmentFrequently Asked Questions
What is the TeacherInsight?

The TeacherInsight is an automated online interview used by many school districts to help them identify the best potential teachers. If you ever had a personal interview for a job, the interviewer asked a variety of questions to get to know you better and determine if you would be a good fit for the job. Gallup’s TeacherInsight is much the same, but with several advantages. TeacherInsight is fair because all applicants are asked exactly the same questions and they are evaluated exactly the same way. The questions have been thoroughly researched and tested to be sure they identify potentially superior teachers. The TeacherInsight interview development study, originally completed in January 2002, demonstrated content, construct, and criterion-related validity as well as fairness across Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) classifications of race, gender, and age. Subsequent analysis of candidate scores indicates similar results and interview fairness across groups. A new study was conducted in 2010, using a revised assessment based on value-added student growth and focus groups with teachers who demonstrated exceptionally high student growth numbers. From this research, a new version of TeacherInsight was released in early 2011. TeacherInsight does not replace personal interviews, but by efficiently identifying the best potential teachers, district representatives are able to spend more time with these promising candidates and conduct more productive personal interviews.

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How should I prepare to do my best on the TeacherInsight?

While you can’t really study for the questions, TeacherInsight is an important part of your job application process, so you should approach it seriously. As in a personal interview, you will be asked questions about yourself and how you might handle certain situations. Don’t over-think the questions; just give your honest, top-of-mind responses as there are no trick questions. We recommend you get a good night’s sleep and arrange to have at least 45 uninterrupted minutes for the interview. Make sure you are using a computer in good working order with a stable Internet connection. Finally, be sure to read the questions carefully before responding. In particular, read the scale on the Likert questions to ensure you are answering the way you intend.

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What kind of questions are on the TeacherInsight?

There are three types of questions. First are multiple choice questions where you’ll have 50 seconds to choose the response that BEST describes you from four possible responses. Second are forced-choice questions where you’ll have 50 seconds to choose the response that BEST describes you from two possible statements. Third are Likert questions where you’ll have 20 seconds to read a statement and rate your level of agreement with the statement. You’ll select from five possible responses: "Strongly Disagree," "Disagree," "Neutral," "Agree," and "Strongly Agree." Be sure to read the scale carefully on the Likert questions so you mark the response you intend.

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Can I change my answers?

Once you click the "Next" button, your answer is recorded as final and cannot be changed. If you don’t choose an answer within the time limit, no answer will be recorded and TeacherInsight will move to the next question. You will not be able to go back to skipped questions.

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How do school districts use the information?

Gallup recommends that school districts use the TeacherInsight interview as one piece of information when making their selection decisions. Specific decisions upon whom to personally interview or select for individual positions are made locally by school districts based on an overall evaluation of the candidates who best fit their needs.

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How soon after I complete the TeacherInsight will my interview be available to the school district?

Results are posted immediately.

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Will I see my results?

As an automated pre-employment interview, you will not see the results of your TeacherInsight assessment. This is much like an in-person interview, where the interviewer usually does not provide feedback.

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I already completed the TeacherInsight for a school district. Now I’m applying to another school district. Do I need to complete the interview again?

Provided both school districts use compatible systems and you completed the TeacherInsight within the past 12 months, you will have the option of copying your previous results or retaking the interview for the new school district.

In order to make your previous TeacherInsight interview results available to another school district, follow the new district's instructions exactly, as if you were going to actually take the interview for them. Different districts incorporate TeacherInsight into their application process differently. So, if they tell you to go to a website and type in a code, be sure to do it exactly that way. Likewise, if they tell you to click a link to go to the TeacherInsight website, be sure you click that link because some important information is embedded in the link.

After following their instructions to the TeacherInsight website, login with your username and password. TeacherInsight will then recognize you and see that you're applying to a different school district. TeacherInsight will ask you some demographic and background questions, then offer you the option of copying your previous interview results or retaking the interview for the new school district.

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What is the next step in the application process?

Each school district has its own application process and procedures. Please follow carefully the instructions they provide and contact the school district if you have questions about their application process.

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My computer crashed while I was taking the TeacherInsight. What should I do?

TeacherInsight saves your responses as you work. Simply login again and you will resume the interview where you left off.

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I’m being asked for a district code and/or an Access Code. Where do I get that information?

District codes identify the school district to which you are applying, and access codes help school districts track your application and interview. Both codes are provided by the school districts, not by Gallup. In some cases, the school district may provide a link to the TeacherInsight website. In these cases, be sure to use this link, as the codes may be embedded within the link. Contact the school district if you still can’t find either of these codes.

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I'm applying for a non-teaching position, and I've been asked to complete the TeacherInsight as part of my application. TeacherInsight asks me to indicate my primary and secondary teaching interests, but my non-teaching position isn't listed. How should I answer these questions?

Gallup provides the TeacherInsight to school districts primarily to assist in the selection of teachers, so that is reflected in the lists of primary and secondary teaching interests. However, some school districts also find it useful to have applicants for non-teaching positions complete the TeacherInsight interview. If you are applying for a non-teaching position, but have been asked to take the TeacherInsight, please contact the school district to see what teaching interest they would like you to select from the list.

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I already completed the TeacherInsight, but think I can do better. Can I take it again?

Most school districts allow you to take the TeacherInsight only once in a 12-month period for their district. Other school districts only allow you to take the TeacherInsight once, and do not allow you to retake at all. Check with the school district for which you are applying to determine their policy.

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I think I did poorly on the TeacherInsight. Should I retake it next year and answer the questions differently?

If you answered the questions honestly and accurately, the TeacherInsight is proven to be an excellent indicator of your chances to be an outstanding teacher. Give your honest, top-of-mind responses to the TeacherInsight items, as they are the best reflection of who you are.

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Do not print, store, or copy this page. If you need assistance accessing the TeacherInsight, or would like to comment on this assessment, please contact Gallup Client Support by sending an email to selectionhelp@gallup.com or by calling 1-877-425-5872. Support is available 24 hours a day from 6:00 p.m. Sunday through 5:00 p.m. Friday, U.S. Central Time. If you have questions regarding the next steps in the application process, please contact the district that asked you to complete the TeacherInsight.

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